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August 26, 2010

Minutes of the Centerville City Trails Committee meeting held Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Public Works Conference Room in the Public Works Building, 655 North 1250 West, Centerville, Utah. 

Mark Austin
Denise Cox, Chair
Matt Johnson
Sam Olsen
Lee Vanhille, arrived at 7:35 p.m.

Julie Creer
Shari Meyer

Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director
Connie Larson Recording Secretary

Patrick Morris


Chair Denise Cox made a motion to approve the June 3, 2010 Trails Committee meeting minutes as amended.  Matt Johnson seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0). 


Mark Austin reported that there was no sign for the Trails Committee booth, which made it difficult to get people to come to their booth. Denise Cox said she will draw a draft for a vinyl sign that can be made for the booth for next year.  The Committee agreed the booth was successful, and they will plan to do the booth again next year.


Denise Cox introduced Patrick Morris who is planning his Eagle Scout Project. He will be making a bike stencil to paint in the bike lanes from Parrish Lane north along 400 West before and after each intersection. The Trails Committee asked Patrick to also paint the words “Share the Road” along with the stencils in the bike lanes that will be placed in between each “Share the Road” bike sign. Mr. Morris said he plans to have his project completed within one month, as the temperature must be above 60 degrees for the paint to adhere to the road. Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, reported the paving contractor has already been paid to install a heat sensitive bike stencil from Porter Lane to Parrish Lane. The Parks Department will provide the paint for Patrick’s project. 

Ethan Overbough would like to do an Eagle Scout Project at the Ford Canyon Trail.  Denise Cox and Mark Austin met with Ethan, and he will be removing the large Cottonwood tree that fell on the trail, and then he will spread the wood chips from the tree along the trail. Ethan will also clean the trail, install five trail markers, and line one side of the trail with rocks.


Denise Cox reported the fall hike on September 25th will begin at 8:00 a.m.  This hike will be advertised on the next utility bill and in the Davis County Clipper.  The hike will begin at the parking lot at the top of Parrish Lane and will go to Skyline Drive and back to the parking lot, for a distance of ten miles.   


Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, reported Mike Smith was not able to attend the meeting, but a DVD presentation was shown that Mr. Smith made on how to view Centerville’s trail system on Google Earth. Mr. Smith will be invited to the next Trails Committee meeting to provide information on how to use a GPS to access information on Centerville’s trails. 


Mark Austin reported that Royce Allen’s book on the history of trails and mountains in Centerville will be printed at a cost of $14.60 each for 1,000 books. The City is not obligated to purchase the books, but the City will have to charge sales tax if they are sold at City Hall. The books will be advertised for sale on the Trails Committee’s web site, and will be offered for sale at the 4th of July celebration next year.  

At 7:35 p.m., Lee Vanhille arrived at the meeting. 

The Trails Committee agreed they will purchase 20 copies of Mr. Allen’s books and donate them to the four elementary schools in Centerville: Centerville Jr. High School; Farmington Jr. High School; Viewmont High School; the Davis County Trails Committee; Bountiful High School; and Woods Cross High School. Extra copies will be sold at City Hall.

Mark Austin made a motion to purchase 20 copies of Royce Allen’s book on the history of trails and mountains in Centerville. Chair Denise Cox seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (5-0). 


Sam Olson asked that a vision statement be considered for the Committee. Committee members will consider ideas for the vision statement and present them at the next meeting for consideration. 

Matt Johnson said the Frontage Road striping for bikes may not be done this year because of funding. Mr. Johnson suggested the Trails Committee help with funding for the striping in order to complete the project. Bruce Cox reported the Police Chief is open to lowering the speed limit along the Frontage Road once it has been striped.


The next Trails Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Public Works Building.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

___________________________     ______10-07-2010_______
Denise Cox, Chair                                               Date Approved

Connie Larson, Recording Secretary

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