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Freedom Run Race Results


The results are in. Congratulations to the winners! Below are the winners of the Freedom Run for this year:


Male Winners

Femal Winners

  Dallin Leatham                 15:39 Jasmine Sessions 18:07  
  Jason Nance                    15:49 Cheyenne Brower20:20  
  Preston Johnson             16:22 Kristen Barrus      20:49  
  Joshua Leatham Tamah Carter  
  Tyler Mortensen Laura Gardner  


Age Category 1st 2nd 3rd
11 and under Tyler Spencer Max Anger Jarke Burnett
12 to 14 Lorince Essig Mason Astill Jameson Burnett
15 to 17 Dallin Leatham Joshua Leatham Tyler Mortensen
18 to 24 Preston Johnson Kendall Kason Kyler Hodgson
25 to 29 Jason Nance Trevor Heiner Clayton Quarles
30 to 34 Ryan Daniels Stephen Lindsay Briant Jacobs
35 to 39 Preston Gardner Travis Burbidge Eric Sorenson
40 to 44 Shaun Grant Orson Thornton Rmett Rogers
45 to 49 Andrew Bird Gordon Wright Mark Oligschlaeger
50 to 54 Ken Clifford Scott Campbell Todd Stapley
55 to 59 Dave Soutter Kevin Smith Kevin Mortenson
60 to 64 Garen Palmer Allen Findley Thomas Wilding
65 to 69 Ray Jaggi Marlin Shelly Carl Woldberg
70-74 Lon Addams Joseph Rust  
75 and over Jessie Tonks    


Age Category 1st 2nd 3rd
11 & under Kaylee Castleberry Whitney Jones Rachel Mortensen
12 to 14 Tannah Carter Paige Wadley Sarah Tullis
15 to 17 Cheyenne Brower Mikell Rapp Hannah Skidmore
18 to 24 Danielle Perez Heather Lieber Camille Heath
25 to 29 Lisa Drollinger Tiffany Thalman Kelly
30 to 34 Jasmine Sessions Summer Chambers Muria Bradley
35 to 39 Kristen Barrus Laura Gardner Sarah Hanson
40 to 44 Deveri Thornton Jodie Martin Rebecca Wayment
45 to 49 Larraine Moore Wendy Rasmussen Jill Mortenson
50 to 54 Wendy Higgins Teri Nanace Jeanine Monson
55 to 59 Elaine Page Shelly Smith Shanna Steed
60 to 64 Donna Mark Janet Newbold Pam Wood
65 to 69 Vicky West Paula Winter Kathi Shelley
70 and over Sharon Smith Lenore Robbins  


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