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Emergency Management Partners and Community Leaders,

Today at 10 am I called the National Weather Service to get an update in regards to the expected east wind storm tonight for Centerville.  There is no change in the forecast, they are still expecting winds with gusts between 70 and 75 mph beginning around 9 or 10 pm tonight.  The winds continue throughout the night but will taper down during the day tomorrow. They do anticipate the winds will intensify some tomorrow evening but by nightfall Sunday they expect the storm to be over. This is not expected to be as intense of a storm as the 2011 storm which had sustained winds around 80 mph and gusts near 115 mph but we can expect damaging winds.  With this in mind I would like to make the following recommendations:

  • Make sure all loose items such as patio furniture, garbage cans, barbecue grills, sports equipment and trampolines are secured. Please help any neighbors that might need assistance with this or it might be your house damaged by flying objects.
  • Check your emergency equipment and 72 hour kits in case it is necessary.
  • Check to make sure you have flashlights or other emergency lighting available in case the power goes out.
  • Make sure your communication equipment is charged. 
  • Goggles (safety or ski goggles) make working in strong winds safer and more comfortable.
  • Stay indoors and don’t drive in the strong winds if it can be avoided.
  • Have plenty of food/water/medical supplies on hand.
  • Take note of potential hazards around your home, such as trees that could blow over onto your house or cars, avoid areas at risk of these type of hazards.
  • Consider taking down any flags, wind-chimes, hanging plants and so on.

The following are recommendations for those who have trampolines:

1. It is recommended to take down the safety enclosure net to prevent it from getting caught in high winds.

2. Secure the frame: If possible, you should store your trampoline in the garage or inside the house. If this isn't possible, you should secure your trampoline with heavy sand bags so it will stay put. Some trampoline dealers some carry anchors, this area is prone to high winds so it may be advisable to keep them on hand. 

It is NOT recommended to place the trampoline on its side as this will pick up wind more easily, if possible turn it up-side-down. Remember: any trampoline that is not properly anchored has the potential to move and become airborne during severe weather, potentially causing injury and/or damage. Stay safe by taking preventative measures.

• More details can be found here:
For updated information on this wind event go to:

Please keep in mind that in Dec. 2011 there were few injuries during the storm that we are aware of but several people were seriously hurt during the clean-up afterwards and others have been sickened by carbon monoxide poisoning from using a generator too close to their house.

The Police Department will be monitoring the situation and if the need arises we will open our Emergency Operations Center and will monitor the EOClink frequency and attempt to notify the appropriate District Leaders and give updates via email, twitter and EOClink. Consider how you will let your Area Leaders, Block Captains and CERT trained people know if they are needed.

Please share this information with the people in your district by whatever mode you have available, such as email lists, calling trees or having block captains go door to door.


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