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CIty Council Action Summary: City Council Meeting Action Summary July 15, 2003

July 15, 2003

This summary is for information purposes only, and is not an official record of Council decisions. Official actions and decisions are reflected in the approved minutes of this meeting.

Upon request, a citizen may obtain (without charge) the City Manager’s memo summarizing the agenda business, is available on this site on the Calendar.

Councilmember Gold was not present.

OPEN SESSION - No one spoke.


1. Summary Action Calendar -
a. Approve purchase of one-ton body and chassis from Young Chevrolet for the Parks Department in the amount of $22,723 - Approved, after discussion.
b. Award bid to American Equipment in the amount of $14,996 for purchase of a crane for the Public Works Department - Unanimously approved.

2. Discuss and possibly consider bid award for construction of Church Well - Unanimously approved award to Bourchard Construction.

3. Reapprove development agreement for Bamberger Station PUD Subdivision - The revised agreement was unanimously approved.

4. Southeast Neighborhood 1- Old Town Site area - Several individuals addressed the Council in the public hearing. -
a. Public Hearing (required) on amendment to Centerville General Plan, Section 12-480-2, Neighborhood 1, Southeast Centerville - Consider Ordinance No. 2003-24. - Unanimously denied the General Plan amendment.
b. Public Hearing (required) on rezone of various properties in Old Town Site area from Residential R-2 to Residential R-1-10 - Consider Ordinance No. 2003-25. - Tabled, for further consideration.

5. Report on 2003 Garden Walk - Dave and Kim Madsen, Chairpersons - Kim and Dave gave a report of the success and recommendations to the Council for future Garden Walks. The Mayor and Council thanked them for their work and presented them with a plaque.

6. Consideration for Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of Not More than $1,142,000 Aggregate Principal Amount of Water Revenue Bonds, Series 2003, of Centerville City, Davis County, Utah, Fixing the Maximum Aggregate Principal Amount of the Bonds, the Maximum Number of Years over Which the Bonds May Mature, the Maximum Interest Rate Which the Bonds May Bear, and the Maximum Discount from Par at Which the Bonds May Be Sold; Providing for the Publication of a Notice of Bonds to Be Issued; Providing for the Running of a Contest Period; and Related Matters - Approve Resolution No. 2003-16 - Unanimously approved.

7. MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - July 1, 2003 Council meeting; July 1, 2003 closed meeting; July 2, 2003 joint CC/PC work session - Unanimously approved with revisions.

8. Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by state law - No meeting held.

9. Possible action following closed meeting - N/A

10. Mayor’s Report
a. Reported that he could not meet with property owners to discuss potential purchase of property.

11. City Manager Update
a. Status report on Elderly Living Center lawsuit - No report.

12. Miscellaneous Business - The Council discussed a possible typographical error on the May 21st special Council meeting.

RDA Meeting

MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - June 17, 2003 RDA meeting - Unanimously approved.


1. Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by State law, including discussion of possible agreement for development of land and sale of property. - Closed meeting held to discuss potential agreement for development of land.

b. Possible action following closed meeting - No action

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