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CIty Council Action Summary: August 5, City Council Action

August 5, 2003

This summary is for information purposes only, and is not an official record of Council decisions. Official actions and decisions are reflected in the approved minutes of this meeting.

A notebook containing supporting materials for the business agenda items is available.

RDA Meeting

MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - July 15, 2003 RDA meeting; July 15, 2003 RDA closed meeting - Unanimously approved.

1. Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by State law, including discussion of sale of property.

2. Possible action following closed meeting, including
a. Approval of Option Agreement for Lots 2 and 3 of Centerville Corporate Park - Unanimously approved Option Agreement, with amendments.

Council Business

COMMENDATIONS AND AWARDS - Community Service Award to Fred Nelson, outgoing Board of Adjustment Chairman


1) Ken Hawks, addressed the Council regarding the General Plan amendment that was denied at the prior meeting, and homes that are being converted to duplexes, and favors the proposed re-zone.

2) Mr. Nichols, owner of the Centerville Dairy Queen addressed the Council about the banner restrictions of the sign ordinance.

3) Hiedi Hawks, commented in favor of the proposed re-zone.

1. Summary Action Calendar
a. Approve Resolution No. 2003-17 amending Centerville City Fee Schedule - Staff requested this item be tabled. b. Award bid to Young Automotive Fleet Sales in the amount of $26,890 for a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD truck for the Public Works Department - Unanimously approved
c. Award bid to Butterfield Ford in the amount of $16,143 for a 2003 Ford Taurus for the Police Department - Unanimously approved.

2. Boundary Line Adjustment between Centerville City and Farmington City
a. Public Hearing - One person addressed the Council, concerning the boundary line west of main, which is the center of the street. It will remain the same.
b. Approve Interlocal Agreement between Centerville City and Farmington City - Consider Resolution No. 2003-18 - Unanimously approved.
c. Approve Boundary Line Adjustment Ordinance No. 2003-26 - Unanimously approved.

3. Public Hearing on amendment to Zoning Code, Section 12-330-3 Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) - One person asked if a property under 1 acre would allow a duplex. (It would not).
a. Consider Ordinance 2003-22 - Unanimously approved, with amendments.

4. Public Hearing : No one spoke.
a. Centerville Zoning Ordinance, amend Section 12-310-1 re: noticing requirements for public hearings for zoning map amendments - Consider Ordinance No. 2003-27 - Unanimously approved.
b. Centerville Municipal Code, enact Section 15-1-113, Public Hearings and Comment, and amend Sections 15-2-104 and 15-2-105, re: public noticing for subdivisions (table action to 8/19/03) - Tabled.

5. Rezone of various properties in Old Townsite area from Residential R-2 to Residential R-1-10 (public hearing held July 15) - Consider Ordinance 2003-25 - Council member Smith made a motion to approve, with condition of overlay zone to allow “grand fathering” currently conforming uses to be registered and considered as conforming if ,the new ordinance would not allow such uses. The Motion was unanimously approved.

6. Appeal from David Putnam, Jr., of Planning Commission’s July 9, 2003 approval of Conceptual Site Plan for Garden View Apartments; Fred Hale, developer. Unanimously upheld the Planning Commission decision.

7. Mayor’s Report
a. Road closures - unimproved roads and the firing range is closed to motorized vehicles.
b. Reviewed with Council the Ford Canyon fire.

8. Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by state law, including: Meeting held for the discussion of disposition of property and competency of individuals.
a. Discuss with property owners the purchase of property for expansion of cemetery. No action.

9. Possible action following closed meeting - Approved John Erickson to serve on the Board of Adjustment.

10. Water Revenue Bonds
a. Receive public comment - No one spoke, 4 letters were received.
b. Consideration for adoption of a Resolution of the City Council of Centerville City, Davis County, Utah (the “Issuer”) finalizing the terms and conditions of the issuance and sale by the Issuer of its water revenue bonds, Series 2003 in the aggregate principal amount of $1,142,000 (the “Series 2003 Bonds”); authorizing the execution by the issuer of a second Supplemental Indenture of Trust, and other documents required in connection therewith; and authorizing the taking of all other actions necessary to the consummation of the transaction contemplated b this resolution; providing a severability clause; repealing resolutions and orders in conflict; providing an effective date; and related matters. - Approve Resolution No. 2003-19 - Tabled until August 19, 2003.

11. FY 2003 Final Unaudited Budget Report - Blaine Lutz, Finance Director, reviewed the unaudited budget report and responded to questions.

12. MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - July 15, 2003 Council meeting; amend May 21, 2003 special Council meeting minutes, pages 5, 10, and 11. - Unanimously approved, with minor revisions.

13. Closed meeting for reasons allowed by state law, including discussion of competency of individuals - Council recessed to a closed meeting.

14. Possible action following closed meeting, including appointment to City boards and/or committees.

15. City Manager Update
a. Community Park bowery restroom plan - The plan and schedule was reviewed. The Council approved the plan and schedule.
b. The 5 lease lease with the gun range expires at the end of this year.
c. Reminded the Council about the joint meeting tomorrow night.
d. Reviewed staffing positions in the City.

16. Miscellaneous Business
a. Review special Emergency Preparedness issue of City Newsletter
b. Miscellaneous

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