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CIty Council Action Summary: City Council Action - August 19, 2003

AUGUST 19, 2003

This summary is for information purposes only, and is not an official record of Council decisions. Official actions and decisions are reflected in the approved minutes of this meeting.

A notebook containing supporting materials for the business agenda items is available.

COMMENDATIONS AND AWARDS - Report from Steve and Jolene Johnson, 2003 July 4th Festivities Chairpersons - The Mayor presented the Johnson with a plaque and a certificate. The Mayor and Council expressed their appreciation for all the effort.

1) Sherrie Lindstrom, informed the Council about a historical home workshop on August 23, 2003.

2) Dave Combs, of Rocky Mountain Turf, addressed the Council about the proposed bid award to Turf Equipment for a gang mower.

3) Nick Holland, asked the status of a water leak that he reported to the City.


1. Summary Action Calendar - Unanimously approved.
a. Award bids to Butterfield Ford in the amount of $21,196 each, for three cars for the Police Department b. Award bid to Turf Equipment & Irrigation, Inc. in the amount of $54,749 for Toro 580-D gang mower for the Parks Department - The Council asked Bruce Cox, Parks Supervisor, about his proposal for the purchase.
c. Approve Water Revenue Bonds - Consideration for adoption of a Resolution of the City Council of Centerville City, Davis County, Utah (the
“Issuer”) finalizing the terms and conditions of the issuance and sale by the Issuer of its water revenue bonds, Series 2003 in the aggregate principal amount of $1,142,000 (the “Series 2003 Bonds”); authorizing the execution by the issuer of a second Supplemental Indenture of Trust, and other documents required in connection therewith; and authorizing the taking of all other actions necessary to the consummation of the transaction contemplated by this resolution; providing a severability clause; repealing resolutions and orders in conflict; providing an effective date; and related matters. - Approve Resolution No. 2003-19 (public hearing was held on August 5, 2003)

2. Direction to staff regarding Centerville Small Arms Association lease of gun range. - Steve Thacker, City Manager, asked the Council about conditions of the lease agreement. Steve recommended that the Small Arms Association to address the Council about concerns. He will pass on comments and concerns discussed by the Mayor and Council to the Small Arms Association.

3. Mayor’s Report -

a) Parrish Lane offramp construction has begun, it will be completed in November.
b) Pages Lane construction should be completed by the end of the week. The project has been delayed as the contractor found an old road.
c) A City Council candidate orientation meeting has been scheduled for next Tuesday.
d South Davis Mayors have agreed with UDOT, and others to perform a traffic study for future needs after the Legacy Parkway and commuter rail.
e) The South Davis Mayors are moving forward on Fire Consolidation.

4. City Manager Update

a) Secondary water, Weber Basin and Deuel Creek will turn off on October 1.
b) The Davis County library has indicated that they will begin to plan the Centerville branch in the spring of 2004 and construction in the fall or spring of 2005.

5. General Plan
a. Public Hearing on map amendments to Section 12-480-3, Neighborhood 2, Southwest Centerville and the Centerville Village Center Strategic Development Master Plan - One person addressed the Council in the hearing.
b. Consider Ordinance No. 2003-29 - Unanimously approved, as revised.

6. Planning and Zoning Ordinance - Tabled to allow Staff to make revisions.
a. Public Hearings re: - One person addressed the Council with comments.
(1) Enactment of new subsection under Site Plan, Parrish Lane Gateway Area Design Standards, Section 12-350-1(23)
(2) Enactment of new subsection under Landscaping, Parrish Lane Streetscape, Section 12-340-9(14)
b. Consider Ordinance No. 2003-30 re: Parrish Lane Gateway Area Design Standards -
c. Consider Ordinance No. 2003-31 re: Parrish Lane Gateway Area Streetscape

7. MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - August 5, 2003 Council meeting; August 5, 2003 closed meeting; August 6, 2003 joint CC/PC work session - Unanimously approved, with minor revisions.

8. Miscellaneous Business
a. Utah League of Cities and Towns Annual Conference (9/9-9/12)
b. Review list of proposed articles for September/October 2003 newsletter
c. Miscellaneous

9. Closed meeting for reasons allowed by state law, including:
a. Consultation with City Attorney regarding Hassenflu Appeal
b. Discuss with property owners the purchase of property for expansion of cemetery
c. City Manager’s performance evaluation

10. Possible action following closed meeting - No action

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