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CIty Council Action Summary: City Council Action Summary, September 2, 2003


This summary is for information purposes only, and is not an official record of Council decisions. Official actions and decisions are reflected in the approved minutes of this meeting.

For additional information about agenda items see the City Manager’s Summary Memo of this meeting. (located on the left side of the website home page under “other info” or search under city Council meeting agendas).

COMMENDATIONS AND AWARDS - Ten year service award to Police Officer Niles Bartleson - The Mayor presented a plaque and certificate to Niles, thanking him for his years of service.

OPEN SESSION - No one addressed the Council.


1. Presentation and discussion on proposed regional recreation facility - Neal Jenkins, Bountiful Recreation Director, and Bountiful Mayor Joe Johnson - Mayor Joe Johnson and Neal Jenkins made a presentation of the conceptual project. The Mayor and Council expressed support.

2. Approve purchase of truck and snowplow package for the Streets Division as follows - Unanimously approved.
(1) Award bid to Lake City International in the amount of $50,157 for International cab and chassis
(2) Award bid to H & K Truck Equipment in the amount of $37,703 for truck body and snowplow package

3. Consider Memorandum of Agreement regarding South Davis Transit Corridor Feasibility Study - Unanimously approved. Centerville’s financial commitment will be $5,000 to $10,000 depending ultimate cost of the study, and will not exceed $10,000.

4. Consider Ordinance No. 2003-28 regarding public noticing for subdivisions (public hearing held on August 5, 2003) - Unanimously approved.

5. Amendment of Planning and Zoning Ordinance, Section 12-320-5, R-3 Zone, Density Analysis, to reduce density allowance to a maximum of 12 units per acre
a. Public Hearing - One person addressed the Council in favor of the ordinance.
b. Consideration of Ordinance No. 2003-31 - Unanimously approved.

6. Design and Streetscape Standards for the Parrish Lane Gateway Area - Enactment of Section 12-340-12, Planning and Zoning Ordinance - Consider Ordinance No. 2003-30 (public hearing was held on August 19, 2003) - Unanimously approved, with revisions.

7. MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - August 19, 2003 Council meeting; Unanimously approved, with no revisions; August 19, 2003 closed meeting - Unanimously approved, with revisions.

8. Mayor’s Report
a) The Mayor will not be present at the next meeting, Mayor pro-tem Gill will be in charge at the meeting
b) The Mayor updated the Council an incident in the City that has been in the press.

9. City Manager Update
a) Updated the Council on the Walton Lane Townhomes development non-compliance issues.

10. Miscellaneous Business
a) Council member Gold asked staff to contact UDOT about the synchronization of the traffic lights on Parrish Lane.
b) Council member Gill updated the Council on the proposed changes with UTOPIA.
c) Council member Layton asked about the development on Pages Lane (Balling project). A water lateral was installed.
d) Council member Smith inquired about the enforcement on banner signs. Aric Jensen will provide a recommendation for strengthening enforcement.

11. Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by state law - No meeting held.

12. Possible action following closed meeting - N/A

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