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CIty Council Action Summary: City Council Action Summary, September 16, 2003

SEPTEMBER 16, 2003

This summary is for information purposes only, and is not an official record of Council decisions. Official actions and decisions are reflected in the approved minutes of this meeting.

For additional information about agenda items see the City Manager’s Summary Memo of this meeting. (located on the left side of the website home page under “other info” or search under city Council meeting agendas).

Mayor Deamer was not present at the meeting, Council member Gill served as Mayor pro-tem.

(1) Five-year employee service award to Police Officer Travis Judd - The Mayor pro-tem presented an award and a plaque to Travis, and congratulated him for his service.
(2) Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to Blaine Lutz - The Mayor pro-tem presented a plaque to Blaine from GFOA

OPEN SESSION - No one addressed the Council.


1. Summary Action Calendar - Unanimously approved, a, b, c(2), d, e, f.
a. Approve 2003 Municipal election judges
b. Approve Recording Secretary agreements with Connie Larson and Karrie Carlson
c. Bamberger Station PUD waterline
(1) Award bid to FNW/Plumbers Supply in the amount of $21,747.04 for materials - Council approved the amount subject to staff review or to re-bid the project and award it to the low bidder.
(2) Award bid to MC Green in the amount of $28,135 for labor.
d. Terminate two-year warranty period for Canyon Breeze Phase B Subdivision
e. Commence two-year warranty period for Pages Place Apartments
f. Approve right-of-way and easement grant for gas line to Questar for Public Works storage building

2. MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - September 2, 2003 Council meeting, Unanimously approved, with minor changes; September 3, 2003 joint CC/PC work session, Unanimously approved.

3. City Manager Update

a) Updated the Council on current commercial development within the City.

b) Informed the Council, and others in the audience, of the availability of the draft of the new proposed zoning enforcement code for review at the City Offices.

c) Suggested that the Council reviewed “Utopia News” a information pamphlet from UTOPIA.

d) Mr. Bill Rigby has asked to meet with the Council on the October 7 meeting.

e) Proposed a new Board of Adjustment training on November 7.

4. Miscellaneous Business
a. Review draft of October 2003 City newsletter
b. Miscellaneous
- Council member Layton asked for suggestions for outstanding manufacturing businesses in Centerville for the Chamber of Commerce.

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