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CIty Council Action Summary: City Council Action - October 7, 2003

OCTOBER 7, 2003

This summary is for information purposes only, and is not an official record of Council decisions. Official actions and decisions are reflected in the approved minutes of this meeting.

For additional information about agenda items see the City Manager’s Summary Memo of this meeting. (located on the left side of the website home page under “other info” or search under city Council meeting agendas).

COMMENDATIONS AND AWARDS - Presentation from Utah Humanities Council to Grace Marsden, Mayor’s Nominee for 2003 Humanities Award - A presentation was made to Grace by the Humanities Council.

OPEN SESSION - Phil Sessions asked the Council about the Bamberger Station development and the Cedar Springs plat. Brett Milburn, expressed appreciation to those who serve in the community, especially the Police department. Nancy Beesly a resident of Cedar Springs Condominiums, expressed her agreement with the City and Cedar Springs improvements.


1. Discussion with Historic Sites Committee Chairperson regarding preservation of the Nathan Porter Farmstead structure - Dani Burgoyne, Chairperson, addressed the Council about the preservation of historic structures. The Council would like to see more done to try to preserve historic structures in the future.

2. Discussion regarding renewal of shooting range lease with Centerville Small Arms Association - Representatives of the Small Arms Association discussed with the Council the merits of the Association. The Council was generally agreeable to the renewal of a lease, and instructed staff to work with the Small Arms Association to draft a renewal of the agreement.

3. Consider proposals for 100 East Traffic Study - The Council agreed that the closure of the 100 east is not in the best interest of the City, and did not want to pursue this option. Therefore, the traffic studies were not considered. The Council would like to form an ad hoc committee to continue to address the issue.

4. Consider revisions to cemetery fees and regulations - The Council discussed the revisions to the cemetery regulations. Unanimously directed staff to draft changes to the ordinance to allow upright head stones in all of the cemetery for Council consideration.

5. Discussion with Bill Rigby re: well water rights and berm construction along Ricks Creek - Mr. Rigby discussed the berm construction with the Council. The Council agreed to have staff, Council members Gold and Smith, and developers meet to come to an agreeable solution.

6. Consider Assignment and Assumption Agreement with Centerville Enterprises, L.C. for Lot 301 of Centerville Marketplace Subdivision - Unanimously approved.

7. MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - September 16, 2003 Council meeting - Unanimously approved the minutes without changes.

8. Mayor’s Report
a. Fire Services consolidation - The Mayor reported on the continued efforts for consolidation. A interlocal agreement is being prepared for Council consideration, and the new proposed district will pursue paramedic service
b. Updated the Council about the kearns river natural gas pipeline that is proposed around Centerville.
c. The Mayor updated the Council on the Wasatch Energy Systems financial status, which is highly favorable. The Mayor is trying to convince the district to lower fees to the residents.

9. Miscellaneous Business
a. Commence one-year warranty period for Full Throttle Powersports - Unanimously approved.
b. Regional transportation report - Council member Randall reported on the transportation questionnaires.
c. UTOPIA report - Council member Gill reported that the week of October 20 there will be presentations at the network operations center. UTOPIA would like to have a workshop on November 4 at 6:00.

10. Closed meeting for reasons allowed by state law, including discussion of the purchase of property -

11. Possible action following closed meeting - No action.

12. City Manager Update
a. Schedule for adoption of new Zoning Code
b. Development update - Updated Council on potential development.

RDA Meeting

MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - August 5, 2003 RDA meeting; August 5, 2003 RDA closed meeting - Unanimously approved.


1. Consider Agreement in Connection with Agreement for Disposition of Land with Centerville Enterprises, L. C., for Centerville Marketplace Lot 301 - Unanimously approved, with revisions.

2. Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by State law, including discussion of sale of property.

3. Review final version of option agreement with Dayton West, L.L.C. (MTC) pertaining to parcels 2 and 3 of the Centerville Corporate Park Subdivision - The Board agreed with the language of the option agreement.

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