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CIty Council Action Summary: City Council Action - October 21, 2003

OCTOBER 21, 2003

This summary is for information purposes only, and is not an official record of Council decisions. Official actions and decisions are reflected in the approved minutes of this meeting.

For additional information about agenda items see the City Manager’s Summary Memo of this meeting. (located on the left side of the website home page under “other info” or search under city Council meeting agendas).

Council member Smith was excused from the meeting.

OPEN SESSION - Phil Sessions; questioned the Cedar Springs property and project. Maureen Huffaker, addressed the Council about the proposed new zoning ordinances, specifically “mother-in-law” apartments.


1. Summary Action Calendar
a. Approve Ordinance No. 2003-33 amending Sections 8-244 and 245 of the Centerville Municipal Code allowing upright headstones in city cemetery - Unanimously approved. b. Accept storm drain and detention easement from Bank One for Centerville Marketplace Subdivision, Lot 10 - Unanimously approved, subject to the approval of the City attorney.
c. Accept easements from Hale Industries for Garden View Apartments as follows: - Unanimously approved, subject to the approval of the City attorney and Planning Commission approval of final site plan.
(1) 10-foot easement along north side of property
(2) Public utility and drainage easement
(3) 30-foot Access Easement
(4) 15-foot waterline easement across Colonial Building Supply (CBS) property
(5) 14-foot centerline easement along south side of CBS property

2. Approve Resolution No. 2003-16 regarding Centerville Justice Court recertification - Unanimously approved.

3. Conservation of Uses Overlay Zone
a. Public Hearing on enactment of Section 12-330-9 of the Centerville Zoning Code - to be continued to November 4, 2003.

4. Review of First Quarter Financial Report for FY 2003-2004, including disbursements report and summary of capital projects expenditures - Blaine Lutz, Finance Director presented the report and responded to questions.

5. MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - October 7, 2003 Council meeting - Unanimously approved, with revisions.

6. City Manager Update

a. Reviewed the zoning code revision process.
b. The email to city hall has not been working for several days.
c. Updated the Council on the gun range lease process.

7. Mayor’s Report
a. Davis County Cultural Facilities Master Planning Grant Report - Updated the Council on the process that is proposed by COG.
b. Interlocal Agreement regarding commuter rail corridor - Updated the Council on the proposal, which is to not require commuter rail to obtain City approval for the commuter rail corridor development.
c. Still seeking interested people for the Board of Adjustment.

8. Miscellaneous Business
a. Review topics for November/December 2003 Newsletter
b. Discussion regarding election by precinct - The Mayor would like to propose the City be divided into 3 precincts and 2 at large.
c. Miscellaneous

9. Closed meeting for reasons allowed by state law - Meeting held for the possible purchase of land.

10. Possible action following closed meeting - No action

RDA Meeting

MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE - October 7, 2003 RDA meeting; October 7, 2003 RDA closed meeting - Unanimously approved.

1. Closed meeting to discuss sale of RDA property - Meeting held for the possible sale and purchase of land.

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