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2003 Minutes & Agendas: Minutes - April 1, 2003 (Workshop)

Minutes of the Centerville City Council Financial Planning Work Session held Tuesday, April 1, 2003 at 5:45 p.m. in the Centerville City Council Chambers, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.


Mayor: Michael L. Deamer

Council Members:
David R. Gill
Brian Gold
R. Dean Layton
Debbie L. Randall, arrived at 6:45 p.m.
Nancy F. Smith


Steve Thacker, City Manager
Blaine Lutz, Finance Director/Asst. City Manager
Richard Hunt, Recreation Supervisor
Lisa Summers, Recreation Coordinator
Bruce Cox, Parks Supervisor
Neal Worsley, Police Chief
Connie Larson, Recording Secretary

VISITORS: Sherri Lindstrom


Steve Thacker explained this work session is a continuation of the Financial Planning Work Session held on March 25, 2003. He said it is not intended that any financial decisions be made at this work session, but only to receive information.


Recreation Department

Mayor Deamer reported a new sports complex has been proposed by Bountiful City at a cost of $20 million. Bountiful is considering creating a sports district covering south Davis County to help fund this complex.

Richard Hunt introduced Lisa Summers who is the Recreation Coordinator for Centerville. Mr. Hunt stated he currently uses Centerville Jr. High and Reading Elementary for his Jr. Jazz Basketball Program at a cost of $10,000 per year in rental fees. Neal Jenkins has talked with the Parks and Recreation Committee about the possibility of using Bountiful schools for the games. Mr. Hunt explained the Jr. Jazz program is self supporting, but does not include Mr. Hunt’s salary. There were 600 children who signed up for Jr. Jazz during the 2002/03 year. Mr. Hunt began running the baseball program two years ago and currently has 150 more players signed up for this year compared with last year.

Mr. Hunt distributed a cost sheet on the Summer Recreation Program for 2002. There was a decrease in the number of children participating in the program from the previous years, which may be attributed to the downturn in the economy. Steve Thacker reported 2000 Census shows a decrease in the number of children under 15 years of age. Mr. Hunt said that indirect costs can be reduced by eliminating some expenses such as T-Shirts and employee luncheons. He said that Centerville has subsidized the Summer Recreation Program about $30,000 for a number of years. Mr. Hunt is trying to reduce this subsidy amount by making the program more self sufficient.

Lisa Summers said the Recreation Program provides an excellent service to the community. Lisa said she believes the recreation program is an investment in our children, as it is a preventative program for law enforcement to keep children out of trouble. Mr. Hunt praised Lisa for her efforts, as Centerville has the best summer recreation program in Northern Utah.

Mr. Thacker asked the City Council to consider the degree of subsidy that is acceptable for the Recreation Program, or does it need to be able to pay for itself entirely.

Parks and Cemetery

Bruce Cox reported the City has 85 acres of land that is maintained by the Parks and Cemetery Department. He stated his department is in need of a one-ton dump truck for the cemetery to replace the current dump truck that has over 200,000 miles on it. There is also a critical need for a tri-plex lawn mower to replace the current mower that is ten years old. Mr. Cox distributed photos of the vehicles that need to be replaced.

Mr. Cox said the Founders Park restrooms are 46 years old and they do not meet the facility ADA requirements for handicapped individuals, and the roof is caving in. He believes a new restroom should be built, as it is not cost effective to try and repair the current facilities. Playground equipment at Founders Park is also needed, as the old playground equipment did not meet safety requirements and much of this has been removed.

Steve Thacker distributed a letter from Randy Randall that lists the public parking lots that are in need of resurfacing or rebuilding during the next five years.

Police Department

Neal Worsley, Police Chief, reported his department currently has 15 police officers, plus one officer who is on military leave who should be returning soon. The Police Department is currently advertising for an employee to work 15 hours per week on records. Mayor Deamer stated he would like to see a female patrol officer added to the force if the opportunity presents itself.

Chief Worsley said his greatest need is for a large storage facility for evidence. This facility would have storage bays to be used by the Police Department, Parks Department, Whitaker Museum archives storage, and possibly a room for physical fitness.

Chief Worsley also requested three patrol cars and one detective car to replace vehicles that have over 100,000 miles. He would like to have two motorcycles to patrol the foothills. He reported that eight citations have been issued recently to violators on the foothills, only one of which was a Centerville resident. Chief Worsley explained his department has submitted for grants that, if received, could be used towards the purchase of motorcycles. The Police Department is in need of modular office furniture for the officers. Beginning next year, the lap top computers will need to start being traded in on a rotation basis.

Chief Worsley said there are no requests for officers this year, but he would like to have a detective next year. At this time, Vaughn Steenblik is carrying a workload as Sergeant, plus he is doing detective work. He said that another police officer will probably be needed in 2008 to coincide with the increase in population.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 p.m.


Marilyn Holje, City Recorder
Connie Larson, Recording Secretary

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