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2008 Minutes and Agendas: City Council Work Session Meeting Minutes of January 15, 2008

Minutes of the Centerville City Council meeting with Legislators held Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. in the Centerville City Council Chambers, 250 North Main, Centerville, Utah.

 Mayor:                                 Ronald G. Russell
Council Members:             Justin Y. Allen
                                              Ken Averett
                                              Paul Cutler
                                              Sherri Lyn Lindstrom
                                              Lawrence Wright

 OFFICIALS PRESENT:     Senator Greg Bell
                                             Representative Roger Barrus
                                             Steve Thacker, City Manager
                                             Blaine Lutz, Finance Director 
                                             Karrie Carlson, Recording Secretary


Mayor Russell welcomed Senator Bell and Representative Barrus and introduced them to the City Council. Senator Bell stated that there is a sense of caution regarding new programs because of the economic and fiscal situation.  Any available monies will probably be spent for education, the Department of Corrections and one-time projects.  Senator Bell also explained that property taxes will be a major issue that will be discussed during the upcoming Legislative session.  The State sales tax on food was decreased last year and this may also be addressed again this year.

Representative Roger Barrus stated that transportation and corridor preservation will be legislative topics. There will also be a new metering bill introduced this year that could affect local municipalities who have their own power department.  Healthcare will also be another hot topic for discussion during the Legislative session. Representatives will be focusing on programs that help to protect the wilderness and energy conservation.

Representative Roger Barrus asked about the progress of UTOPIA.  Councilman Cutler explained that the network is working as planned, but problems with federal funding and service providers have caused some financial difficulties.  UTOPIA is working on these issues and is hopeful to have a new business plan in place soon and that construction in Centerville will start up again later this year.

Senator Bell stated he has met with area Fire Chiefs and is sponsoring a bill that will allow an impact fee for purchasing fire trucks. Mayor Russell updated Senator Bell and Representative Barrus on the newly adopted RAP Tax that will help fund a regional theater in Centerville City.  He asked if there is a chance to have any financial support from the Legislature to help with this project.  Senator Bell explained that Senator Eastman may be able to help facilitate support for the project.

The Council expressed their desire to keep the part-time Judge for the Justice Court.  There is a new bill being proposed that would require Justice Court Judges to meet certain qualifications and have a full-time status.  Centerville’s current Justice Court Judge has excellent qualifications, but is part-time.  The Council would like to see this issue reviewed further to determine what specific problem is being addressed with the proposed changes. The Mayor and Council feel strongly that Centerville’s Justice Court Judge is well qualified and the court has operated very well under his direction and if the proposed changes are adopted, it may put Centerville City at risk of losing the current Judge. 

Senator Bell and Representative Barrus gave the Council contact information so the Council members could reach them with questions or other concerns during the Legislative session.

At 6:58 p.m. the meeting was adjourned.

Marilyn Holje, City Recorder    Date Approved

Karrie Carlson, Recording Secretary

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