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Proclamations: Proclomation No. 2009-01

Declaring May 2009 As
“Foster Care Month”
In Centerville City

Whereas, the family, serving as the primary source of love, identity, self-esteem and support, is the very foundation of our community, and

Whereas, in Centerville City, there are children and youth in foster care who are provided with a safe, secure and stable home along with   the compassion and nurture of a foster family; and

Whereas, foster families, who open their homes and hearts to children whose families are in crisis, play a vital role helping children and families heal and reconnect. They also assist children in reaching successful adulthood, and dedicated foster families frequently adopt children in foster care,  which often results in an increased need for more foster families; and    

Whereas, the foster care “system” is only as good as those who choose to be a part of it.

Now, therefore, I, Ron Russell, Mayor of Centerville City, do hereby declare May 2009 as 

                                                                  Foster Care Month

in Centerville and  encourage citizens to volunteer their talents and energies on behalf of children in foster care, foster parents and the child welfare professionals during this month and throughout the year.

Dated this 30th Day of April, 2009.

     Ronald G. Russell, Mayor                       

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