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2002 Minutes & Agendas: Minutes - April 16, 2002 (Special)

Tuesday, April 16, 2002, 6:00 p.m.

A quorum being present at Centerville City Hall, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah, a special meeting of the Centerville City Planning Commission was called to order at 6:10 p.m. by acting Chairman Paula Tew.


Paul Tew, Acting Chairman
Ken Averett
Steven Bateman
Grant Talbot
Scott Vaterlaus


Bruce Powell, Chairman
Brian Hulse


Paul Allred, Community Development Director
Kem Weaver, Planning Intern
Karrie Carlson, Recording Secretary


Daryl Stevenett, Applicant

PRAYER:Grant Talbot


The Planning Commission reviewed the staff report explaining the proposal of the applicant to operate a 3-day used car sales event on the Home Depot parking lot. Attached to this report is a letter of written permission from Home Depot for the use of their property. Paul Allred, Community Development Director, explained that the applicant has addressed most of the City’s concerns regarding, food handling, safety, traffic, etc. He stated that if the Planning Commission were to grant this conditional use permit, there would be a few small matters to take care of (i.e. written permission from Home Depot head office and an inspection of the tent by the building inspector.)

Daryl Stevenett, applicant, apologized to the Planning Commission for his misunderstanding of the permit process needed for this type of event. He explained that he and one of the other dealers involved in the sale each thought the other had gone through the process to obtain the needed permission from the City to hold such an event. Mr. Stevenett explained that he has held this type of sales event in other local cities and has had no complaints from any of the participating stores/shopping centers that have hosted the events. Mr. Stevenett reviewed with the Planning Commission the agenda for the set up and breakdown of the sales event. He also provided the Planning Commission with the food-handling permit from the Davis Health Department to serve drinks and hot dogs at the event as well as his insurance coverage for this type of event. Mr. Allred has notified Mr. Stevenett of the Police Chief’s recommendations for transportation of the cars as well as the clean up of trash receptacles at the site and stated the Mr. Stevenett agrees to comply with all recommendations. He also responded to questions from the Planning Commission regarding the wind and snow load capacity of the tent, the location/maintenance of the portable restroom facilities as well as the transportation of the cars to the lot, parking and signage for the event. Mr. Stevenett stated that if this event were successful he would be interested in conducting other such events during the year.

The Planning Commission discussed the conditional use Ordinance and the guidelines/limitations they should include with their motion regarding signage, number of other such events that may be held during the year, etc.

Ken Averett made a motion to approve the temporary conditional use permit based on the following findings:

1.That the use at the particular location is necessary and desirable to provide a service or facility which will contribute to the general well being of the community and the neighborhood; and

2.That the use will not, under the circumstances of the case be detrimental to the health, safety or general welfare of persons residing or working in the vicinity or injurious to property or improvements in the vicinity; and

3.That the proposed use will comply with the regulations and conditions specified in this ordinance for such use; and

4.That the proposed use conforms to the intent of the General Plan.

With the following conditions:

1.That the temporary conditional use not exceed a total of 4 events or twelve total days during the 2002 calendar year.

2.Those proper approvals, if needed, are obtained from pertinent jurisdictions before operating such as the South Davis Fire District, Centerville Police Department, Davis Health Department, and the Building Inspector.

3.That all signs for the sales event be limited to those specifically approved by the Planning Commission and allowed by the City’s Sign Ordinance. No sign shall be placed off-site or in such a manner as to obstruct traffic visibility, and no balloon signs.

4.That the hours of operation be limited to no more than twelve hours per day preferably from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

5.That the applicant obtain from the State of Utah proper authorization and /or licensing for sales tax collection and temporary business license form Centerville City.

6.That authorization be obtained form Target’s Corporate Office regarding the Operating and Easement Agreement (OEA) as outlined in the Development Agreement.

7.That the site be properly cleaned and maintained during the event and that the site be returned to its original condition after the event is over.

The motion was seconded by Steven Bateman and passed by unanimous vote (5-0). Acting Chairman Tew reminded the applicant that these conditions will be monitored and if he is found in noncompliance the temporary permit can be revoked. Chairman Tew asked Paul Allred to go to the site and make sure they were complying with the conditional use permit as approved.

At 6:40 p.m. the meeting was adjourned.


Paula Tew, Acting Chairman
Karrie Carlson, Recording Secretary

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