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2000 Minutes & Agendas: Minutes - September 27, 2000

Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 7:00 p.m.

A quorum being present at Centerville City Hall, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah, the meeting of the Centerville City Planning Commission was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Chairman Bruce Powell.


Bruce Powell, Chairman
Robert Chamberlain
Grant Talbot
Paula Tew
Scott Vaterlaus


Steven Bateman
Brian Hulse


Paul Allred, Community Development Director
Mirinda Gibbons, Intern
Connie Larson, Recording Secretary


Robert Arbuckle, Marie Cook, Shandell Smoot, DrewJudkins, Renee Turner (Clipper), Scott Balling, Mike Flood, Leon Tanner, Robynn Parrish, Sherri Lindstrom, Robert Gore, Mary Lou Gore, Derwin Lewis, Minnie Lewis, Mareene Page, Cynthia Allred

INVOCATION: Robert Chamberlain

FIELD TRIP: The Planning Commission attended a field trip prior to the meeting.


Paula Tew made a motion to approve the Planning Commission meeting minutes of September 13, 2000 as amended. Scott Vaterlaus seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote (4-0). Chairman Powell abstained from voting as he was not present at the meeting.


Paul Allred, Community Development Director, explained this is the second phase of the Canyon Breeze Subdivision which has 14 Lots and is north of the Centerville Junior High School. When the monumentation was done on Porter Lane, it was discovered the plat did not align with the street and the boundary needed to be shifted to align with Porter Lane. Staff recommends approval of the amended plat. This item, by Utah State law, cannot go to the City Council without a 14 day notice to the newspaper prior to the City Council meeting. The notice has been given to the newspaper and it will be considered at the City Council meeting on October 17, 2000.

Scott Vaterlaus made a motion to approve the amended plat subject to all remaining items being checked and approved by staff before this matter is considered by the City Council. Paula Tew seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote (5-0).


An overhead transparency was viewed showing the existing subdivision plat of Lots l04, 105, and l06 which is the area proposed to be changed. An overhead transparency was viewed showing the amended plat. Lot 105 will be taken out of the original plat, which will reduce the total number of lots to nine from the original ten. Lot 105 will be divided between two property owners who each desired larger building lots as part of this new plat.

Paul Allred explained there are still some utility verifications that have not yet been submitted. Staff recommends approval of the amended plat upon the following:

1.Submittal of the remaining items as required by ordinance and staff.

2.Submittal by the applicants of proper security as estimated by the City Engineer.

3.These items be checked and verified by staff before this matter is forwarded to City Council for approval.

Scott Balling, Engineer, said he now has approval from all four utility companies and they have been faxed to Marsha. Signatures have been obtained from all of the property owners in the Ford Subdivision, with the exception of the Ford Family Properties, Inc., and Jim and Bonita Robinson.

Chairman Powell made a motion to recommend approval of the amended plat contingent on the following items:

1.Submittal of the remaining items as required by ordinance and staff.

2.Submittal by the applicants of proper security as estimated by the City Engineer.

3.That these items be checked and verified by staff before this matter is forwarded to the City Council for approval.

Paula Tew seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote (5-0).


Paul Allred explained when the Lexington Park #3 Subdivision was given approval, the applicant discussed dividing the remaining Symphony Homes property into two sections. Therefore, there will be one additional plat after this one. There are a total of 14 building lots in Phase 4 and the applicant has obtained additional property from the Davis County School District along the east boundary of the subdivision. The inclusion of some land (500 square feet) on the south boundary with 2050 North Street will be needed from the City by the developer.

Staff's recommendation is to approve the final plat for Lexington Park Subdivision Phase #4 based on the following conditions:

1.Resolution of the blanket easements as directed by staff unless otherwise allowed by the City Attorney

2.Recommendation of the Planning Commission that the small area owned by the City on the south end of Lot 414 be exchanged with Symphony Homes in order to eliminate a remnant parcel and to recognize the existing alignment of the road.

3.Correct other items as required by staff in preparation for final plat review by the City Council.

Mike Flood, Symphony Homes, said when the entire Lexington Park Subdivision was approved for 80 Lots, the intersection was designed differently at the City's request. He believes the City Council will work favorably with Symphony Homes to either do a land transfer through quit claim deed or purchase it for a nominal amount. Obtaining a drainage easement from the Davis County School District could be a problem because the School District has been dumping water on this property for several years. The Telluride blanket easement has been recorded on the property since 1902 and remains on each individual lot and because it is an old easement. These types of easements are often difficult to erase. The exchange of land on the south end of Lot 414 will mean there is no awkward remnant parcel in the plat. It will make 2025 North work better and it will make 400 West a major collector to Lund Lane.

Chairman Powell commented when there are traffic problems on I- 15, 400 West will be the first access road people will use to travel north. It was recommended that a "Dead End" street sign be placed on the street to discourage traffic from using 400 West.

Grant Talbot made a motion to recommend approval of the final plat for Lexington Park Subdivision Phase #4 subject to the following:

1.Resolution of the blanket easements as directed by staff unless otherwise allowed by the City Attorney.

2.Recommendation of the Planning Commission that the small area owned by the City on the south end of Lot 414 be granted to Symphony Homes in order to eliminate a remnant parcel and to recognize the existing alignment of the road.

3.Correct other items as required by staff in preparation for final plat review by the City Council.

Robert Chamberlain seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote (5-0).


Paul Allred explained the applicant will present two different preliminary plats. Staff is comfortable with the preliminary plat in either format but indicated to the Planning Commission that the curved road option would likely result in continual awkward left turn movements similar to what occurs with City Hall and the Post Office. One of the plats complies more consistently with the conceptual plan that was approved by the City Council. The other proposal includes a design for a straight road that would align with 100 West in Bountiful which is directly across the street. Staff's opinion is that the road should go straight through as they have previously recommended.

Clark Jenkins, applicant, said when the road was originally planned to be private he felt he would be able to control the traffic within the development. When the City Council changed it to a public road with a curve, he feels if people are going to cut through the subdivision, they will cut through no matter what. U1DOT has asked Mr. Jenkins to donate 20 feet of property on Main Street for a right-hand turning lane. He feels if Main Street is backed up, people will turn into his subdivision or the future office building parking lot and not into the neighbor's street at they have stated. With a private road he could have speed bumps to slow traffic down but with a public road he cannot. The problem with the curved road is it will eliminate beautiful, well placed areas of large green space he had planned for the development.

Chairman Powell stated the Planning Commission meeting is not a public hearing but he asked the people in attendance if they agreed with Chief Oswald's statement that many or all of them felt satisfied with his explanation and reasoning for a straight road and now agreed the road should be straight. Joe Covey stated this is a misconception Chief Oswald has and that they do not agree with the Chief's assessment of the matter.

Joe Covey, 836 South 150 West

Mr. Covey stated the residents have signed a petition addressed to Mayor Hirschi, Steve Thacker, City Council members, and Planning Commission members regarding the Centerville Commons PUD. The petition states there are members of the Centerville City staff and members of the Planning Commission who have stated that the undersigned residents of the Meadowlands Subdivision now agree with the decision of the City to approve the conceptual plan of the Centerville Commons PUD as it currently stands approved. The letter is intended to correct any misconceptions that may exist. The full text of their letter was entered into the public record for inclusion in the file.

Chairman Powell expressed concerned that residents continue to view the City as going ahead and doing as they please without the residents being heard. Staff has always recommended and done what would be best for the City as a whole. He does not believe staff has tried to mislead the Planning Commission and when a recommendation comes very strongly from every Traffic Engineer, the Police Chief, and staff that the road needs to be straightened, this is logical and meaningful information that the Planning Commission and Council should consider. Chairman Powell indicated that indeed many of the residents left the last public meeting with the belief there would be a bend in the road.

Scott Vaterlaus said as far as the road being aligned north-south, if the main purpose was to facilitate traffic moving across to 100 West the road would need to be aligned. However, he feels that is not the main purpose here. Vehicular traffic will want access to Pages Lane but not necessarily to cross it. Grant Talbot stated he does not have strong feelings for either a straight or curved road. Robert Chamberlain stated he would like to see a curved private road if this is truly a PUD. He would like to see creativity in the subdivision. Chairman Powell said the overall appearance of the PUD would be better served with a straight road.

Paul Allred said the subdivision has three stages of approval--conceptual, preliminary, and final plat. There are a total of five meetings on a subdivision with at least one public hearing. The preliminary plat approval does not go to the City Council for approval; therefore, what the Planning Commission decides will determine the design of the final plat that will come back to the Planning Commission for final approval. The City Council, however, will give final approval and may request a change if they do not agree with what the Planning Commission approves.

Mr. Jenkins said he would like to put in the road alignment that is the best for his development and he feels a curved road will not help the Meadowlands Subdivision, even though the City Council did approve a conceptual plan with a public road with a bend in it. He would like to understand the necessity of the curve now that the road is not private.

Chairman Powell made a motion to approve preliminary plan #2 with a curved public road as presented by the developer, based on the following findings:

1.Public hearings were held at the Planning Commission and City Council level where the curved road was discussed. Notice of one of the meetings was mailed to surrounding property owners which included a plan of the subdivision with a bend in the road. With the information that was presented to the public and Planning Commission members, they have been led to believe the road will be curved.

2.The conceptual plan with a curved road was approved by the City Council.

3.Council has been given input by a professional traffic engineer, Mr. Vaterlaus, that a curved road should not be a major problem.

Chairman Powell stated that he agreed with Mr. Jenkins and staff that the straight road would be preferable (preliminary plan #1 which connects Pages Lane to 850 South with a straight road) based on the fact that staff has indicated it would be preferable and for the appearance of the subdivision.. However, because the Planning Commission's previous recommendation for a straight road was not accepted by the Council, he is making the motion for the curved road. Paula Tew seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote (5-0). She stated that the straight road was also her preference, but she would vote for the curved road as it was the option the Council has indicated they prefer.


Paul Allred explained this is a change to the approved site plan that was given in July of 1998. The applicant would like to shift the square footage of the remaining buildings and add 3,000 square feet to the building over the original approval. Staff has verified there will be enough parking. Staff's concerns are:

1.The dumpster area between the two buildings has not yet been screened and fenced as required with Phase 2 approval.

2.The architecture of the building needs to be continued as before. Staff would prefer to have split face around the building, inside and out.

3.City Engineer would like a change to the grading plans.

4.The weeds need to be removed and there needs to be an addition of five to seven trees to break the block wall.

5.A lot line needs to be removed because the new proposed location of the building proposes it be built on top of the property line which is a violation of City ordinances.

Understanding these concerns, staff recommends approval of the amended site plan.

Grant Talbot asked how the drains will be maintained. Paul Allred replied that Fred Campbell will need to answer this question. Chairman Powell expressed concern how the landscaping will be maintained behind the building once it is planted, as it is not being maintained at this time. Mr. Arbuckle replied there is a ten-foot City easement around that building and that it would be unwise to move the building further north against the property line.

Mr. Arbuckle said he is under pressure to get this building constructed as the tenant, Memories & More, is a good tenant and he would like to keep them but they are looking at another building in Bountiful. Mr. Arbuckle would like to complete the new building before they decide to move. Mr. Arbuckle said he is not pleased with the current landscaping and will work to improve it. On the screening of the dumpster, he feels Gene Taylor, the other property owner, should share in the cost of the screening. Mr. Arbuckle feels he cannot legally go onto Mr. Taylor's property to screen his dumpster and that he should not be bonded for the fencing. Mr. Arbuckle said the third piece of property is in the Arbuckle Family Trust and he cannot do anything about it. Mr. Arbuckle said he received approval from the title company today to build and the property line has been removed that would be under the building as mentioned by staff as appropriate Chairman Powell said he is concerned about the landscaping being properly maintained and the cottonwood trees that are already planted as the roots could cause problems with the foundation of the building. He recommended a better tree to be planted that will work in this narrow area that will not disrupt the building foundation.

Paula Tew made a motion to recommend approval of the amended site plan including the following items:

1.Verification that the lot line has been removed under the building as shown on the site plan.

2.That landscaping on the north side of the building will be most, if not all, xeriscaping with additional thick landscape carpet under bark to hold down the weeds.

3.Five to seven additional trees with deep roots must be planted along the wall and the east side of the site. Sod is to be planted on the east side of the parking lot with appropriate trees.

4.Screening of the dumpster is only required on the applicant's property, not off-site, but that the applicant approach Gene Taylor to ask for his involvement.

5.Split-face block on the entire interior elevation of the building and smooth face on the outside of the building with a continuing band at least four rows tall will be required.

Chairman Powell seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote (5-0).


1. The next joint City Council Planning Commission meeting wil1 be held on Tuesday, October 17, 2000. There will also be a joint City Council/Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 7, 2000. Both meetings will start at 5:30 p.m.

2. The Planning Commission had asked staff to report on a summary of any changes to the Maddox approval and to report back. Staff reported that a footing and foundation permit was issued today for Cutler's sandwiches. They will have a pitched roof with the original addition on the front of the building. The City Council removed two parking stalls from behind the building, and the pole sign light wil1 be converted to a parking lot light, which will be changed to shine directly down to the parking lot. The light will be on a timer to turn off at 11:00 p.m.

3. The proposed Centerville Parks & Recreation building plan was reviewed. It will be built next to the Public Works building. There will be about 50-feet of landscaping in front of the building and the use of certain types of blocks will be used to comply with prior approvals. The conceptual site plan will be discussed at the City Council meeting on November 7, 2000.

4. Mirinda Gibbons will be leaving Centerville City to work for Draper City. Paul Allred expressed appreciation for Mirinda and the work she did for Centerville City. A plaque was presented to Mirinda for her service.

5. Planning Commission training will be held in Layton on October 18, 2000 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.. Contact Marilyn Holje or Marsha Morrow for registration information.

6. Donna Wilkinson is the new Administrative Assistant working with Paul Allred.


a. Phil’s Auto Repair.

b. City Parks & Recreation Site Plan.

c. Cell tower changes.

d. Commercial and residential subdivision applications.

e. Conditional use on Smitty’s RV property.

f. Cottage Commercial.

g. General Plan and Zoning Ordinance revisions.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


Bruce Powell, Chairman
Connie Larson, Recording Secretary

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