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Proclamations: Proclamation No. 2003-03

No. 2003-03
Office of the Mayor, City of Centerville

WHEREAS, our community is home to a diverse group of people whose ancestors came to the shores of our country seeking freedom and liberty, and the right to worship according to their own consciences; and

WHEREAS, the Bible has been a constant source of moral and spiritual guidance for many people throughout centuries, profoundly influencing art, literature, music, code of law, and has motivated many people to perform acts of compassion and charity; and

WHEREAS, the Bible continues to provide inspiration, hope and comfort for millions of Americans today and National Bible Week is an annual celebration that encourages the reading of the Bible; and

WHEREAS, for sixty-three years, women and men of many faiths have banded together with the National Bible Association to sponsor National Bible Week as a time to be reminded of the Bible’s unique place in the lives of many Americans.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael L. Deamer, Mayor of the City of Centerville, do hereby proclaim the week of November 23rd – November 30th, 2003 as

National Bible Week

in the City of Centerville, and do urge all citizens to join me in recognizing this important day. National Bible Week reminds us not only of the importance of including spirituality in our daily lives, but of our religious freedoms as Americans.


Mayor Michael L. Deamer


City Recorder

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Proclamation No. 2003-03

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