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Public Works

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The function of the Public Works Department is to direct culinary water, street and storm drain programs, and provide all related services in a safe and cost-efficient manner. The department is responsible to maintain city owned infrastructure and facilities.

Water, Streets, and Drainage Issues - Contact the Public Works Department

Water and Drainage BILLING Issues - Contact Administration or click here


The Streets Division maintains all streets in a safe, clean and usable condition. The division performs preventative maintenance on all streets and street signs, and works with the City Engineer to oversee asphalt overlays and street reconstruction.
Snow & Ice Removal Street Maintenance Traffic Improvement


Centerville City Water Department has a proud heritage of providing high quality culinary water to Centerville residents at affordable rates.

Over the years, the Water Dept has been honored with numerous awards ranging from safety to taste tests!  We strive to offer the best service and are constantly finding innovative methods of improving the water system.

Lead Copper Analysis
Source Protection Water Conservation
Water Bulletin Board Water Audit 2011-2012


The Drainage Utility Divsion maintains City owned stormwater facilities to prevent public and private property from flood damage. The division also oversees and administers the City's floodplain.

Flood Plain Development

The City participates in the Community Rating System which directly influences the cost of insurance for all properties in Centerville. Through careful development practices in Special Flood Hazard Areas and Stormwater control measures, the City has obtained one of the highest ratings in the State of Utah.

Commerical/Subdivision Stormwater Permit

Residential Stormwater Permit Flood Insurance Rate Map
Stormwater Best Management Practices Drainage Improvement Map Stormdrain VS Subdrain


Construction Updates

I-15 South Davis Improvements
Project Update 1/29/15
*The construction activities below are applicable until the next update.
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The I-15 Lane Split 

is extending to 2600 South beginning the night of February 3

The night of  February 3, northbound I-15 is scheduled to be reduced to one lane while crews extend the current Lane Split through 2600 South. Southbound I-15 will be restricted at night the following Tuesday, February 10 while crews extend the southbound split.

* To exit northbound I-15 at 2600 South, 500 South, or 400 North, motorists should enter the right two lanes just north of the I-215 interchange.

* For southbound exits at 500 South and 2600 South, enter the right two lanes prior to 500 South (where the current southbound split begins).

* Through traffic should utilize the left two lanes to avoid ramp traffic.

The speed limit is reduced to 55 mph in the lane split zones. Please slow down, follow posted signage and get into the right lanes early if you plan to exit at 2600 South, 500 South or 400 North. Through traffic can stay left to avoid ramp congestion. 


  • Weeknights, January 26 through February 6, UHP will perform intermittent rolling slowdowns on southbound I-15 between 2600 South and I-215 from midnight to 3:00 a.m. while crews install overhead signs. Expect delays of 15-20 minutes and use alternate routes like Legacy Parkway, Redwood Road or U.S. 89 to avoid delays.

500 South

  • The night of February 2, traffic will be shifted to the south side of 500 South. Expect single lane closures during the shift and be prepared for a new traffic configuration on February 3.

2600 South

  • The nights of February 13 and 14, 2600 South will be closed to east/west traffic at I-15 while crews demolish the bridge. The on- and off-ramps at the I-15 interchange will remain open, but there will be no east/west access on 2600 South during this activity. Use 500 South as an alternative.
  • As part of UDOT's vision to Keep Utah Moving, the I-15 South Davis Improvements project will reconstruct the 2600 South Interchange in North Salt Lake/Bountiful. The new interchange includes a modified continuous flow intersection (CFI) and is designed to manage the high volume of east/west traffic in this area. This short animation details the coming changes at the 2600 South Interchange and provides information for drivers on how to navigate the new interchange. Visit the 2600 South Page to see the new interchange design and learn more.

Construction schedules and dates are subject to change 

Ongoing Activities

  • Expect nightly lane closures through spring. Single lane closures will begin at 9:00 p.m. with two lanes closed by 11:00 p.m.
  •  Construction activities have increased on and near 2600 South, on both sides of I-15 between 800 West and U.S. 89. Activities include placement of material, ramp and wall construction and paving operations. Expect shoulder closures and lane restrictions. Area businesses and residents can expect an increase in noise, dust, vibration, and construction vehicles in the area.
  • Travel lanes are narrowed to 11'. Trucks carrying loads wider than 11' should contact the UDOT Motor Carrier Division, 801-965-4892.
  • The clearance height of the I-15 bridge over 2600 South has been temporarily reduced to 13' 7" through Spring 2015. High loads should use I-215 to Redwood Road as an alternative route. 
  • Per city ordinance, trucks are restricted from using Center Street and Main Street in North Salt Lake as an alternate to 2600 South/1100 North. Trucks should use I-215 as an alternate route.

Project Overview

The I-15 South Davis Improvements project will:

  • Add ExpressLanes in both directions from the north I-215 interchange to U.S. 89 in Farmington.
  • Replace aging bridges at 2600 South, 1500 South, 500 South, and 400 North.
  • Reconfigure the interchanges at 2600 South and 500 South in Bountiful to improve east/west mobility
  • Improve active transportation with better pedestrian facilities at 500 South, 400 North and Parrish Lane. 

Periodic rolling traffic slowdowns will also occur at night with the assistance of the Utah Highway Patrol. These slowdowns are conducted to complete construction activities and avoid full closures of the Interstate.


Travel lanes are reduced to 11' wide. Trucks carrying loads wider than 11' should contact the UDOT Motor Carrier Division, 801-965-4892.


I-15 construction is expected to complete in spring 2015 with interchange and bridge construction continuing through summer 2015.  


Information about non-UDOT projects in the area is available at the end of this email.

Plan Ahead To Reduce Delays And Impacts

I-15 will remain open without restrictions during peak hours. However, travel delays up to 30 minutes are expected during peak travel times. Use Legacy Parkway or Frontrunner to avoid delay. FrontRunner provides all-day service with 30-min. frequency during peak hours.



Stay alert and be prepared for changing lane configurations in the project area for your safety and the safety of those working here. Please obey the posted speed and be aware for changing roadway conditions throughout the project area.


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