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Public Works

The function of the Public Works Department is to direct culinary water, street and storm drain programs, and provide all related services in a safe and cost-efficient manner. The department is responsible to maintain city owned infrastructure and facilities.

Water, Streets, and Drainage Issues - Contact the Public Works Department

Water and Drainage BILLING Issues - Contact Administration or click here


The Streets Division maintains all streets in a safe, clean and usable condition. The division performs preventative maintenance on all streets and street signs, and works with the City Engineer to oversee asphalt overlays and street reconstruction.
Snow & Ice Removal Street Maintenance Traffic Improvement


Centerville City Water Department has a proud heritage of providing high quality culinary water to Centerville residents at affordable rates.

Over the years, the Water Dept has been honored with numerous awards ranging from safety to taste tests!  We strive to offer the best service and are constantly finding innovative methods of improving the water system.

Lead Copper Analysis
Source Protection Water Conservation
Water Bulletin Board Water Audit 2011-2012


The Drainage Utility Divsion maintains City owned stormwater facilities to prevent public and private property from flood damage. The division also oversees and administers the City's floodplain.

Flood Plain Development

The City participates in the Community Rating System which directly influences the cost of insurance for all properties in Centerville. Through careful development practices in Special Flood Hazard Areas and Stormwater control measures, the City has obtained one of the highest ratings in the State of Utah.

Commerical/Subdivision Stormwater Permit

Residential Stormwater Permit Flood Insurance Rate Map
Stormwater Best Management Practices Drainage Improvement Map Stormdrain VS Subdrain


Construction Updates

2014 Schedule

Major street reconstructions scheduled for this year include 400 E from Pages into Bountiful. This project is being managed by Bountiful City.

Parrish and Main Intersection

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and City of Centerville have contracted with Stapp Construction for improvements to the intersection of Parrish Lane and Main Street. Construction will begin Monday, May 12 and is expected to be complete by mid July.

Parrish and Main Intersection Project

Intersection improvements include (see map above):

  • Additional left turn lanes for the northbound Main Street-to-westbound Parrish Lane and eastbound Parrish Lane-to-northbound Main Street movement.
  • Straightening the skew of the south end of the intersection/crosswalk. This will improve visibility and safety for pedestrian and school children.
  • Improved signal timing to enhance mobility through the intersection at peak traffic hours.


Activities for July 16 - 22 include continued work to place curb and gutter on the northwest and southeast corners of the intersection. The contractor anticipates this work will be complete by the end of the week, with sidewalk installed by Monday. Asphalt will be placed next week as well. The residential retaining wall on the northeast leg of Main Street is expected to be completed next week.

The week following – beginning July 28, will be the start of the “final treatment” work such as landscape restoration, signing and striping.  A finishing microsurface layer will be placed over top the asphalt the week of July 28 as well.

Please be mindful of construction crews and equipment when traveling through the intersection. Conditions and lane configurations are subject to change, depending on the construction activity. Also please note that all businesses are open during construction – driveways may be shifted or rerouted, but your local businesses always appreciate your patronage!

For questions regarding the construction process, please contact the team using the following information:

Hotline: 801.310.8110 | Email:

Street Maintenance

The following map shows which streets are scheduled for crack seal, slurry seal and overlays. Crack seals generally begin in March into May and the slurry seals and overlays begin in May and continue until they are finished.

2014 Scheduled Street Maintenance

I-15 Construction Info

In observance of Pioneer Day, no work affecting travel lanes is scheduled to occur from July 23 at 5:00 a.m. - July 27 at 10:00 p.m. Traffic will remain in the current configuration with lanes narrowed to 11'

Project Overview

The I-15 South Davis Improvements project will:

  • Add ExpressLanes in both directions from the north I-215 interchange to U.S. 89 in Farmington.
  • Replace aging bridges at 2600 South, 1500 South, 500 South, and 400 North.
  • Reconfigure the interchanges at 2600 South and 500 South in Bountiful to improve east/west mobility
  • Improve active transportation with better pedestrian facilities at 500 South, 400 North and Parrish Lane.

Expect lane restrictions on I-15 nightly as early as 7:00 pm and as late as 7:00 am. Actual lane closure times may vary within these hours based on real time traffic numbers. Travel lanes are reduced to 11' wide. Trucks carrying loads wider than 11' should contact the UDOT Motor Carrier Division,

I-15 construction is expected to complete in December 2014 with interchange and bridge construction continuing through summer 2015.  

Information about non-UDOT projects in the area is available at the end of this email. 500 South will be closed at the UPRR tracks May 18-23. See below for more info.

Upcoming Construction Activities

2600 South

  • In early August portions of the old 2600 South bridge over I-15 will be demolished. 2600 South will be closed to east/west traffic under the bridge at night during demolition. The I-15 interchange will remain open. More information will be published as schedules are confirmed.
North Salt Lake City has begun a project on 1100 North (2600 South). Expect heavy delays.

Construction schedules and dates are subject to change 


Ongoing Activities

  • Crews continue to rehabilitate the bridge over Center Street and Main Street in North Salt Lake.  Area residents may experience an increase in light, noise, and vehicle activity associated with this work.
  • Night paving is ongoing on the west side of I-15 between 2600 South and 500 South through July and on the east side of I-15 between 2600 South and Pages Lane through early August.
  • Median reconstruction between Parrish Lane and the northern project limits is ongoing through August.
  • Crews continue roadway widening activities in the shoulders between I-215 and Pages Lane during the day and at night on both sides of I-15. Area residents may experience an increase in light, noise, and vehicle activity associated with this work.
  • Crews continue construction activities on 500 South near I-15 including soil stabilization efforts for the new bridge.
  • Bridge work continues at 500 South and 1500 South
  • Travel lanes are narrowed to 11'.


 MOT Phase 1 cross section


Other Projects in the Area

North Salt Lake 1100 North Reconstruction Project (Redwood Road - 110 East)

Construction has begun and will continue through Fall 2014.  Expect lane restrictions, one-way traffic and heavy delays. There will no left turns from Redwood Road to 1100 North. 

Contact 888-427-8585 or for more information.

Plan Ahead To Reduce Delays And Impacts

I-15 will remain open without restrictions during peak hours. However, travel delays up to 30 minutes are expected during peak travel times. Use Legacy Parkway or Frontrunner to avoid delay.   

FrontRunner provides all-day service with 30-min. frequency during peak hours. To make using FrontRunner even better, we've partnered with UTA to provide Davis County residents with a free 7-day FrontRunner pass. Register for your free pass at Supplies are limited. 


Stay alert and be prepared for reduced speeds in the project area for your safety and the safety of those working here. Please obey the posted speed and be aware for changing roadway conditions throughout the project area



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